Exchange of knowledge, techniques, experiences and cultural diversity

Gain international work & life experience with our Inter-Company Transfer programme!

Exchange of knowledge, learning of techniques, gaining of experience, working in cultural diversity: we have a lot to offer!

Business trips are one way to work closely with colleagues based in Asia, the Americas, China and Europe. But with the Inter-Company Transfer programme (ICT), we give our employees the opportunity to grow professionally and personally – on a daily basis – by being assigned abroad. It is also a perfect way to practice one of our key philosophies “Genchi-Genbutsu” (Go, See and Analyse): going to the source to analyse the problems, understanding the root cause and developing a sound counter-measure.

Take a look at what the employees of Toyota Boshoku Europe say about this programme. 

Check what our employees say:
Alexandre Trindade Abreu Production Engineer

Production Engineering division. Currently working in Toyota Boshoku South Africa (Durban). 

“Toyota Boshoku has always been a place where I was able to grow and explore new possibilities. Since joining the Toyota Boshoku group, I spent 1 year in Japan, 5 years in Belgium and I am now in Durban as part of the ICT programme.

My main responsibility is to create and maintain a manufacturing process that is safe, easy to operate, profitable and that gives our customers products to be proud of.

I can now be closer to the “gemba” (shopfloor), where we can quickly see the opportunities for improvement, and work as a team with other divisions in successfully overcoming challenges.

It is easier for me to use different perspectives to see a problem, allowing us to create a solution that addresses and meets everyone’s concerns.

The daily contact with various different processes, technologies and ways of working is giving me a strong base for my future life, not only professional but also personal.”


Jose Manuel Perez Senior Project Engineer

R&D division. Currently working in Toyota Boshoku Corporation (Japan). 

"Thanks to Toyota Boshoku Europe, in my leading role of Project Engineer, I could manage several projects across Europe. After 5 years working in Belgium, I was offered a new challenge – in Japan. During this amazing opportunity, I will experience new work methods and various cultures. This unique challenge will improve my business skills, expand my technical and cultural knowledge."