Trees for Peru & Haiti

Trees for Peru and Haiti

Trees for Peru & Haiti!

Contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society in which our children can live and work in harmony with nature is the challenge of Toyota Boshoku Group. In order to achieve this, the 2050  environmental goals include zero CO2 emissions, water recycling, waste reduction, and the planting of 1.32 million trees!

On the basis of this vision, our affiliate in France, Toyota Boshoku Somain is committed by planting, through Reforest'Action, 500 trees!  250 trees in Peru and 250 trees in Haiti!

Reforest'Action is a social responsible company, with the aim to protect the environment and fight against deforestation. They allow everyone to offset their CO2 emissions and have a positive impact on the environment by planting trees. 

If you want to learn more about this great initiative and Toyota Boshoku participation, check this link:

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